Sony announces PlayStation 4 sales reached 4.2 million by end of 2013

Sony announced it’s sold 4.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide as of December 28, 2013. Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House revealed the figure, which is estimated by SCEI, at his company’s keynote at the CES trade show. The PS4 data was once again stipulated as “sell-through,” meaning it represents units sold to consumers.

It’s a dramatic doubling of the figure from December 1, 2013, meaning the company sold another 2.1 million units across the next 27 days of the month. In addition, the company estimates PS4 software sales through retail and digital channels are up to 9.7 million worldwide, while PS Plus subscriptions increased by more than 90 percent between the PS4 launch in North America and the end of the year – it’s worth noting the PS4 comes with at least a 30-day Plus subscription in some regions, including the US and Canada.

Just ahead of the PS4’s launch in North America, SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton projected 3 million worldwide sales by the end of the year. We now know the console beat that figure by some way, and the company’s next aim of 5 million sales by the end of March looks a cert, given the PS4 is still to launch in Japan next month – the system is currently available in 53 markets worldwide.

The news comes the day after Microsoft announced Xbox One sales passed the 3 million mark by the close of 2013, across 13 markets worldwide.

(via Joystiq)

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