Report: PS4.5 to Be Announced Before October 2016, Will Exist Alongside PS4


According to a report from The Wall Street Journal about the new PlayStation 4 model, which could be called PS4.5 or PS4K, Sony will be announcing it before the launch of PlayStation VR in October 2016.

Citing “people familiar with the matter,” The Wall Street Journal goes on to say that Sony will continue production on the existing PS4 model after releasing the PS4.5. Additionally, the PS4.5 will “be able to handle ultra-high-definition resolution graphics” and “higher-end gaming experiences,” including virtual reality.

As for games, one of the sources said PS4 and PS4.5 will likely “share the same software catalog.”

Reports of the new PS4 model surfaced earlier this month, with Kotaku saying it would include an upgraded GPU that supports 4K resolution for games and adds more processing power to enhance PlayStation VR games. Eurogamer then added that Sony’s research and developments labs have prototype devices right now.


Source: PlayStationLifeStyle via The Wall Street Journal

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