‘Super Boss Gaiden’ is the first game created for the ultra-rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype

As an unreleased console, there of course aren’t any games to play on the system… until now.

German duo Chrono Moogle and Dieter Lazer have released Super Boss Gaiden, a 16-bit action platformer that Nintendo Life describes as having tight controls, challenging gameplay and humorous dialogue. In fact, humor serves as the basis for the game’s plot.

In it, a fictional Sony president learns that the Nintendo PlayStation prototype has fallen into public hands and has already been emulated. The news sends the executive into a mad rage as he sets about destroying anyone and everything in his path.

The game is heavily influenced by beloved classics including Mega Man and presumably, Ninja Gaiden.

Super Boss Gaiden can be played on both the SNES and the Nintendo PlayStation prototype. Unfortunately, as Digital Trends points out, hardware experts that examined the prototype determined that the peripheral would not have had a significant impact on SNES game development save for increased storage capacity. So in other words, games wouldn’t have looked any better when run on the SNES CD versus a standard SNES.

Those wanting to give it a try via emulation can download it from the official Super Boss Gaiden website.

Source TechSpot


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