Meet the Nintendo Switch, coming March 2017!



Back in April, Nintendo confirmed that its NX console would hit the stores in March 2017. Now, we get our first look at the “next home gaming system” in a three-minute preview trailer, and we finally know its name: the Nintendo Switch.

As rumored, the Switch is a console/handheld hybrid that can connect to a TV, be played on the move, and uses cartridges. As you can see in the video, the two controllers (Nintendo is calling them Joy-Con) can attach to the central unit (Joy-Con Grip) to act like a single controller. They can also slide onto the side of the standalone screen unit, making it similar to the Wii U. Additionally, the Joy-Cons can be used for multiplayer gaming on the move, and there will be a more traditional “Pro Controller” option available.

The display appears to be around 7 inches – though it’s unclear what resolution is on show.

As rumored back in May, the Switch uses SD-style cartridges, though it’s likely that the games will also be available digitally.

In a separate announcement, Nvidia has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch is powered by a custom Tegra processor.

The final part of video hints at Nintendo’s ambitions in the eSports market. We see players in a huge arena playing Splatoon on their Switch consoles. “Nintendo Switch allows gamers the freedom to play however they like,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, “it gives game developers new abilities to bring their creative visions to life by opening up the concept of gaming without boundaries.”

When it comes to consoles, Nintendo has been falling ever further behind Sony and Microsoft in recent years. With the Wii U not proving anywhere near as successful as its predecessor, the company will be pinning its hopes on the Switch becoming as popular as the original Wii.


Source TechSpot

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