An Unreleased NES Game from 1989 Featuring WCW Wrestlers Has Been Discovered

The title in question, UWC, was developed by Japanese developer SETA in 1989. UWC (Universal Wrestling Corporation) likely isn’t a name that most are familiar with, even wrestling fans, but it was the original name of the company that would go on to be known as World Championship Wrestling.

The new company was launched at the end of 1988 and shortly after, changed its name to WCW. This game was likely developed and named just before the switch. As you’ll see, it features a number of well-known WCW talent including Sting, Bobby Eaton, The Road Warriors, Ric Flair and Barry Windham.

Stephan Reese, known on YouTube as Archon 1981, said he bought it from a former Nintendo employee who was given the cartridge to test because he was a wrestling fan. We’d love to hear more about the history behind this game but unfortunately, not much is publicly known at this hour. Hopefully that’ll change in the coming days and weeks as word of the discovery spreads across the Internet.

Reese said he plans to release the ROM to the public but hasn’t yet decided on how he wants to go about doing it.

Source TechSpot

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