SEGA Genesis Mini Releasing on Sept. 19th

SEGA has announced the SEGA Genesis Mini and SEGA Mega Drive Mini, their versions of the miniaturized consoles that feature a catalog of games, a familiar design, and an accurate controller. The retro consoles will be available either in a bundle with one controller for about $60 or a two controller bundle for $80 on September 19th, 2019.

When Does the SEGA Genesis Mini Release?

The SEGA Genesis Mini announcement was made during SEGA Fes 2019, a Tokyo-based stage show where the developer/publisher typically reveals some upcoming games as well as showcasing new gameplay from announced titles. However, many had forgotten that the SEGA Genesis Mini was even in the works, let alone that it is going to release in September 2019.

A year ago, SEGA revealed its plans for the SEGA Genesis Mini was in the works but that was around the time that Nintendo was selling its NES and SNES Classic faster than they could be made. Since then, PlayStation has tried its hand at the retro, self-contained console concept with the PlayStation Classic and reception was mostly negative. It seemed as though Sony didn’t put much effort into preserving the experience of the PlayStation Classic games, as evidenced by the inclusion of PAL versions of some high profile titles.

The good news is that the SEGA Genesis Mini and Mega Drive Mini are going to feature multiple regional versions of its games. So those who pick up the consoles won’t have to worry about awkward frame rates or poor display quality; these should be the games as players remember them.

What Games are on the SEGA Genesis Mini?

As far as the games are concerned, SEGA only announced a selection of titles for the Mega Drive Mini, which will release in Japan. The Genesis is expected to have Castlevania Bloodlines and Gunstar Heroes but other choices have yet to be announced. Most would assume that Sonic the Hedgehog is included in the SEGA Genesis Mini library but outside of that everyone will have their favorites.

For gamers in Japan, the SEGA Mega Drive Mini will include Sonic 2, Puyo Puyo 2, Shining Force, Castlevania Bloodlines, Powerball, Gunstar Heroes, Comix Zone, Rent-a-Hero, Space Harrier II, and Madou Monogatari Ichi among its library of 40 games.

Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding these mini SEGA classic consoles, the company should have more to reveal in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully, SEGA has learned a lesson or two from Nintendo and Sony as far as what to do and what not to do with these classic consoles.

Genesis: genesismini.sega.com
Mega Drive: megadrivemini.sega.com

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