PS2 Most Sold Console of All Time as Research Finds 1.56 Billion Consoles Sold Globally

Sony and Nintendo dominate the global sales of consoles.

It’s 2020, video games are being released left, right, and center and consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One continue to wage console wars. However, how many consoles have been sold globally? Apparently, from the end of March 2020, 1.56 billion consoles have been sold globally.

This latest statistic comes from LearnBonds.com that has researched the sales of consoles globally. However, despite having years of consoles to go through, Sony’s PS2 remains dominant among all other platforms. Incredible.As you can see from the chart below, Sony’s PlayStation 2 sits comfortably at the top with approximately 157.68 million units have been sold. Nintendo is just under with the Nintendo DS console that has sold around 154.9 million units with the Game Boy at 118.69 million units.

The PS4 is however rising close to surpassing the top three sitting at 109.86 million units sold globally. However, we’ll be seeing the PS5 launch later this year so it’s a question of whether the release of the next-generation console will slow sales of the PS4, or if the current-gen console will continue to sell well.

Despite Microsoft’s Xbox One being a popular console, especially as more people discover the offerings from Xbox Game Pass, the console is actually quite low down in the list sitting at 47.35 million units sold. This is less than the Xbox 360 which saw 85.8 million units sold.

The research reports that Europe accounted for the most PS2 and PS4 sales. The PS2 saw Europe selling 55.28 million units while the PS4 had 45.12 million units sold in Europe. North America wasn’t far behind in both statistics though, PS2 sales sit at 53.65 million and PS4 at 36.34.

We’ve recently learned that the PS4 console has seen over 1 billion units in software sales, Last year the Nintendo Switch had sold 36 million units, with this new data, the Switch has sold 55.89 million units globally.

Source DualShockers and LearnBonds

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