PlayStation Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary in the US Today

We already had a big PlayStation 25th anniversary party last year to coincide with the PS1’s launch in Japan, so there’s very little fanfare been reserved for the device’s United States debut. Despite that, 9th September was the release date for Sony’s first console in USA, and will no doubt hold special memories for some of you – although you may be dating yourself a teensy bit if you were there day one in 1995.

Of course, even the youngsters among you will have played a PS1 at some point in your lives, whether it was at a friend’s house or slipping in sneaky sessions on a sibling’s system. Launch games included Rayman and Battle Arena Toshinden, as well as the legendary Ridge Racer. The console retailed for $299, which was considered extraordinary value at the time, and sold over 800,000 units in the space of a few months.

Many had expected Sony to take the anniversary opportunity to announce new information about the PlayStation 5, but so far it’s been silent on social media – outside of some minor announcements which are attracting ire from an increasingly rabid fanbase. Of course, the platform holder put out a ton of content to celebrate the system’s true 25th anniversary last year, and if you’re feeling nostalgic you can find some of that through here.

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