Designer Shares Prototype PS2 Game Packaging That Sony Decided to Cancel


Designer Hock Wah Yeo has shared with The Obscuritory prototypes of his PlayStation 2 game packaging – a project that Sony ended up cancelling in favor of a more simplistic design that looked like typical DVD cases.

The Obscuritory’s article is full of unique designs made by Yeo, but the image above is what PS2 game cases would have looked like had “the higher-ups at Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan” not stepped in.

The prototype above was made from the cover art of PS1 game Final Fantasy Anthology. According to the website, the DVD case design was probably much cheaper so Sony’s decision to cancel the project makes sense. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see a photo of what could have been.

“Rather than following the standard DVD case shape, the box appears to be about the size of an index card, with the space for the disc protruding out of the top,” wrote The Obscuritory. “It matches with Sony’s marketing campaign and imagery for the PlayStation 2 which suggested that the new console transcended reality, best encapsulated by the fact that they produced a commercial for the PlayStation 2 directed by David Lynch.”

The full article is an interesting read and delves into Yeo’s career. He apparently started designing game boxes by accident. Yeo has since been contacted by a number of video game companies to design game packages for them, and has come up with some pretty unique designs, to say the least.

Source PlaystationLifetyle via The Obscurity & ResetEra

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