Mario’s voice actor, Charles Martinet, is stepping away from the role

He will stay at Nintendo as a “Mario Ambassador”

Charles Martinet has been the voice of Mario (and Luigi) since 1991. On Monday, August 21, 2023, Nintendo announced that Martinet would no longer be voicing its iconic Italian plumber.

Martinet won’t be leaving the company entirely; Nintendo’s statement says he will become a “Mario Ambassador.” It’s unclear what this role will involve, though. We presume it gives Martinet an official title to appear at public events, which he has done for years.

The next Mario game will be Super Mario Bros. Wonder, releasing on October 20th, 2023. Nintendo told GameSpot that Martinet “is not involved” in Wonder, which presumably means Mario and Luigi has been recast, but the new actor is unknown.

When the trailer for Super Mario Bros. Wonder came out, fans noticed that the voice sounded unusual and began to worry Martinet had been recast. However, at the time, it was assumed that Martinet had simply rerecorded the lines for the first time in a while, which made them sound unfamiliar.

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