Speedrunner sets new Super Mario Bros. warpless record

Kosmic said that although he may not be the one to do it, he sees humans eventually taking the record down to at least 18:54 someday. Realistically, he believes an 18:58 or 18:57 is attainable based on his skill set.

Renowned speedrunner Kosmic recently became the first person ever to post a sub 19-minute warpless run of Super Mario Bros with a time of 18:59:856.

To put the achievement into perspective, all warpless runs of Super Mario Bros. for more than 12 years have been 19 minutes and change. Breaking into the 18-minute realm, even if just barely, is a significant milestone in speedrunning.

The second fastest time according to the speedrun.com leaderboard is 19:00:954 by GTAce99

Once someone has put the blueprint out for a way to accomplish a specific goal, it usually doesn’t take long for others to refine the method even further.

If you recall, Kosmic last September became the first person to break the 4:55 barrier in Super Mario Bros. (using warps, of course) with a run of 4:55:913. Nearly a year later, Kosmic has fallen to third place in the any percent category as two others – somewes and tavenwebb2002 – have since turned in faster times of 4:55:796 and 4:55:746, respectively.

Sure, you’re splitting hairs at that point but hey, faster is faster and a record is a record. Heck, I’m doing good just to beat the game period, much less at a world record pace.

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