Capcom to unveil new Resident Evil game on September 9

Capcom has announced that a new Resident Evil title will soon be unveiled. Currently known only as Project Resistance, it will be released on PC (via Steam) and consoles. While we don’t have any details just yet, images suggest that it could feature four-player co-operative gameplay.

Project Resistance will see its first teaser trailer unveiled on the official Resident Evil YouTube channel on September 9th at 8 AM PST, just ahead of the Tokyo Game Show (TGS), which begins on September 12. Capcom will have a booth at TGS and is planning a stage presentation where people can watch gameplay of the upcoming title. The website states that attendees with advance reservations will be able to try out Project Resistance in afternoon play sessions.

For those not in Japan, Capcom is asking members of the US Resident Evil Ambassador program to test a new Resi game in America. While it never specified, this will almost certainly be Project Resistance. The testing will take place in Los Angeles starting on September 20th and New York from September 23rd.

It’s still not clear what kind of game Project Resistance will be, but small images have been grabbed using a YouTube video thumbnail grabber site. While they don’t give away very much, the final screenshot in the series suggests a four-player co-op game in the style of Resident Evil Outbreak.

After Resident Evil 6 was panned by critics yet still managed to sell over 7.1 million units, Resident Evil 7 and its shift from a third-person to first-person view became a much-loved entry in the series. The franchise found new fans earlier this year with the brilliant Resident Evil 2 remake.

Source TechSpot

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